About me

My name is Torsten Rathjen and I was born in 1961 in Hamburg/Germany.  The first word I spoke was probably "photo". Since I was a young boy, I have my camera always with me.

I  have travelled through 62 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania and am deeply impressed about the beauty of our world. I love to explore landscapes as well as meeting people. There is so much to see and wonder - with my photos, I want to share fascinating moments with others.

During my travels, I use car, plane, bicycle, train - whatever is suitable. The camera is always with me. My passion is to show people in their daily life as well as breathtaking landscape. Often, the camera is a perfect communicator which brings people together - no matter whether it is in the Australian outback, on a small tropical island or in an Asian mega-city. Come and have a look at my gallery!

I use high-end Nikon equipment with extreme resolution for brilliant results. The range of lenses varies from ultra-wide angle up to super-tele as well as special lenses for low light or macro photos.

Today, I live in Sweden together with my lovely wife. The grown-up kids live in other European countries - and also love to travel.